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What Is a Forstner Bit?

A Forstner bit is a type of drill bit that is employed when making furniture or other woodworks. A Forstner bit is usually costs more than the standard twist bits. But despite the higher price, Forstner bits have qualities that make them a better choice for furniture makers.

Benjamin Forstner, a gunsmith, invented the Forstner bit. The first application of this new type of drill bit was in gunsmithing because of its unequaled ability to make smooth sided holes. But in modern gun making these bits are not used anymore.

Unlike regular drill bits that are usually guided by the central point when drilling, a Forstner bit is guided by the outside rim. This unique feature allows for the drilling of pocket holes, which are holes drilled from a particular angle. It can also drill partially overlapping holes, and also holes that are located near the edge of the drilled material.

Another benefit of a Forstner bit is the ability to make square-bottomed holes. These are specialized for making certain projects and in the application of certain techniques. These bits are also very good at excising big amounts of excess material swiftly. Forstner bits are also available regardless of the diameter. One can find these bits from sizes ¼ inches small to bits as large as 3 inches. It’s not that hard to buy Forstner bits, one can usually find them being sold in sets at hardware stores.

Because of the way Forstner bits are made, it can be hard to move this type of bit through wood. That’s why a Forstner bit is usually used in drill presses and not in hand drills.

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