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What Is Fostering to Adopt?

Foster care exists for parents who are temporarily unable to take care of their children, thus they temporarily lose custody over their children who are then placed under the custody of people who are legally recognized by the state to foster. However, some parents whose children are entered into foster care don’t necessarily regain their rights to custody. When this happens, the children are then free to be adopted. Thus, a foster family may permanently keep custody over the children. This process is referred to as fostering to adopt.

The purpose of foster care is to eventually reunite parents and their children. However, there are instances when the parents do not meet the requirements to regain custody over their children. Such requirements may include financial stability or mental and emotional stability.

Many foster agencies offer the option of fostering to adopt. Some of the disadvantages of going through a fostering to adopt agency is that a lot of the agencies are reluctant to place children in such instances due to the fact that fostering is mainly to reunite birth parents with their children. It is also easier for agencies to place children in a temporary foster care program rather than one that may eventually lead to permanence, especially when that child is unlikely to be adopted. Most couples, parents, or families who enter into fostering to adopt are also willing to foster children on a temporary basis. Those who do wish to foster to adopt usually have to wait for a long period of time before they are given the opportunity to adopt a child in foster care.

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