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What Is a Free Kick in Soccer ?

A free kick in soccer, as the name suggests is the act of freely kicking the ball in a specific direction without the threat of an instant opposition.

In soccer or football, there are two kinds of free kicks.

1. Direct free kick
2. Indirect free kick

Direct free kick

A direct free kick is awarded to the team when a player of the opponent team commits a foul. This kind of free kick is awaited by every spectator since it offers an opportunity to score a direct goal and such free kicks are usually great to watch.

When such a free kick is awarded in the penalty area, it is called a penalty kick. There have been many players known to be free kick specialists, David Beckham and Roberto Carlos being the most famous among them.

Indirect free kick

An indirect free kick means that one cannot score a goal directly using that kick. There are many instances when an indirect free kick is taken during a soccer game. It could be after the play was stopped for certain reason, offside defence and more.

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