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What Is a Front Door Attorney?

A front door attorney is called as such because according to existing belief, they would accept any type of case that comes through their front door. In short, this type of attorney is considered a generalist in that he or she does not specialize in any field or it could also be that the lawyer has different specializations not limited to just one.

Compared to a specialist, a front door attorney may charge a lower fee making him or her more accessible to the general public who may be able to afford the high rates of those with a certain specialization. Generalist attorneys are normally approached by clients facing complicated cases that require the professional advice of a lawyer who has knowledge in different specialized fields.

Most often, front door attorneys work in areas where there are not much specialist lawyers. In the rural areas, for example, the competition is not that stiff giving generalist attorneys the opportunity to serve more people. Lawyers who choose to specialize are usually situated in areas where there’s an abundance of attorneys serving clients. Another reason is a special interest in a specific field instead of having to cover a variety of areas.

Despite the negative perception about this type of lawyer, they still serve an important purpose in society. They can generally handle a wide range of civil and criminal cases and can be approached should clients have certain legal needs such as a review of their contracts and real estate documents. Front door attorneys can also help people who may be facing issues in their business.

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