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What Is a Fugitive From Justice?

A fugitive from justice is a person who committed a crime but wants to escape from government arrest and punishment as well as from giving his testimonies. This type of person is also referred to as “on the run” or “on the lam.”

Fugitives utilize various techniques to run away from authorities. They usually move from one place to another to avoid being traced. In some cases, they may still have contact with people close to them such as their family or spouses. Unfortunately, they are no longer allowed to use government legal resources because of their action to evade the law.

Authorities have various strategies when searching for fugitives. These include phone tapping, using pen registers on relatives, tracing mobile phone activities and electronic transfer of money. They may also put up wanted posters in public places and come up with rewards for people who can help them find the fugitive. Jail records may also be utilized.

Governments of different countries may also reach an agreement or treaty for purposes of extradition. The agreement normally seeks the government of a certain country where the fugitive may be hiding to surrender and deport the guilty party back to his home country.

Three conditions must be met before a head of state can take action to surrender the convicted criminal being asked by another country. Firstly, there should be a formal request. Secondly, the request should be based on an affidavit or other evidence to prove that the crime was indeed committed by the individual charged. And thirdly, the person identified should be considered a fugitive from justice.

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