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What Is Fundamentalism?

The term fundamentalism is usually used to refer to a religious practice which involves strict adherence to their holy scriptures, practices and faith to keep them as close as possible to what their holy teachings tells them. Fundamentalism actually mean going back to the basic or to the original teachings or practice but the term itself is usually associated with extremists and terrorist activities. Fundamentalism is common to all religions in the world as the term only suggests that people have to practice what is written in their holy scriptures, in a way that is appropriate and in a right way.

Fundamentalism can be seen in Christianity through the strict practice of reading the Bible and following it as it is, never distorting nor interpreting its meaning. In Buddhism on the other hand, fundamentalism can be seen by the way people follow the Buddhist rituals as practiced 2000 years ago during the times of Shakyamuni despite the many interpretations of the his teachings. For modern Buddhists, the real teaching of Shakyamuni would mean that people are all capable of attaining buddhahood. For the fundamentalist, there is only one Buddha and that they have to seek help from him and practice his ways. In Islam on the other hand, fundamentalism can be seen in the way Muslims were associated with terrorist attacks. Fundamentalists interpret Jihad in an extreme way. However, it would be important to note that such people are not Islam fundamentalist but are political extremist who uses Islam to justify their means.

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