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What Is a Gas Credit Card?

A gas credit card is one kind of credit card that is associated with a gas or petrol company. The selling point of a gas credit card is that the credit card owner can get rebates when he purchases gas. Oftentimes, the rebates are only applicable when gas is purchased from the particular gas company that is associated with the gas credit card.

The savings that one makes when purchasing gas may seem insignificant if one looks at a single transaction. However, over the course of the year, the savings can add up. This is especially true if the gas credit card holder gasses up on a regular basis.

When thinking about getting a gas credit card, you need to look at the two general types. The first one is a gas credit card that is tied to a particular gas company. This is perhaps the more common kind of gas credit card. While this gas credit card can be used for any purchase – as long as the merchant accepts credit cards as a mode of payment – you will not get any rebates for purchases that are not from the gas company issuing the card. Only purchases from the gas company will be qualified for rebates. As with most things, this situation has its pros and cons. On the one hand, if you purchase fuel from that gas company often, you will get more rebates. On the other hand, you cannot be assured that that gas company will always have the lowest prices.

The second kind of gas credit card is not tied to a particular gas company. Instead, any gas purchase – regardless of the company – will qualify for rebates. For this kind of card, the percentage applied for rebates may be lower than the other kind of gas credit card. The advantage is that you can purchase gas from the company with the lowest price and still get rebates.

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