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What Is a Gatekeeper?

A person who is in charge of securing property and keeping unauthorized people from entering premises is called a gatekeeper. This person is normally positioned in front or to the side of a gate. Nowadays, almost all private companies, big buildings, schools, and malls have gatekeepers in order to secure the area. They also prevent some persons, especially those in high positions, to get in contact with others. They answer phone calls, organize appointments, and reject giving information to other people, especially those in the media. Gatekeepers are sometimes called security guards. Their main purpose is to protect or secure a person from unwanted contact, or to secure their information from illegal access.

Celebrities have their own PA, or what is called personal assistants. They are the ones responsible for answering all phone calls, although only few of the wanted phone calls are being passed to the employer. Their other duties include giving statements to the media, return phone calls, and researching about stalkers. The gatekeepers of celebrities also play an important role in their security. They are responsible for preventing media fans from entering the premises, unless they are allowed to or given authorization.

Securing and protecting in a physical sense are sometimes done by the gatekeepers because most of them are former members of law enforcement agencies. These gatekeepers are also called guards or security officers. They are seen at the main entrance of the gate. A guard house is usually located at the front gate and it is considered to be their office. The gatekeeper’s role in their line of work is to protect someone or to protect a place.

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