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What Is a Giant Burrowing Cockroach?

Though it may sound unappealing, the Australian giant burrowing cockroach is not your average imported roach.

"They are different to other insects in a lot of ways and are totally unrelated to the American or German cockroaches found in Australian households," Sydney University senior biology lecturer Nathan Lo told The Daily Telegraph.

Native to north Queensland, they can reach up to 3 ½ inches long and weigh up to 1.2 oz.

Giant burrowing cockroaches can live up to eight years, which is rather long for an insect.

"When they give birth it's to live young, not eggs, and they leave the babies in their burrows, come out in the evening to collect leaf litter and bring it back to the burrow for the young ones to eat,” said Lo.

"They look after them for several months."

"They are the world's heaviest cockroach and if not the heaviest of all insects, they are certainly a contender," Lo said.

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