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What Is a Gibson Girl?

The term “Gibson Girl” refers to a popular American image that is considered as an ideal of beauty in the United States. The term refers to the artwork of artist Charles Dana Gibson. The Gibson Girl made its appearance in many magazines and reproductions and become one of the most memorable images of the early 20th century.

The ideal of beauty based on the Gibson Girl is the image of the hourglass figure and aristocratic features. This was considered the standard by which girls until World War 1 measured themselves against. Girls tried their best to imitate the Gibson girl and also tried to imbibe the romantic depiction of a girl’s feminine traits.

The image of beauty that the Gibson Girl depicted can be traced back to the classical works made during the romantic era. This is the image of a hot hourglass body that has been cinched with a corset. This is a beauty that also has long, flowing hair but also swept back to a demure hairdo. Her face features a small but well defined nose and mouth but her eyes are a bit large. The Gibson Girl has also been associated with the aristocratic pursuits of high fashion and expensive clothing. Over-all, she epitomizes the lady with good breeding.

The Gibson Girl was a runaway success when she first appeared. Her image was immediately used for various types of marketing. Reproductions of Gibson’s art was also put in many different products – from dishes to spoons, even wallpaper.

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