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What Is Glamping?

Camping sounds fun, in principle. Night under the stars, surrounded by Nature, cozy campfire and the soothing sounds of the crickets and birds. But then reality hits. Leaking tents, musty sleeping bags that don’t keep in the heat (but don’t keep out the bugs, either). And while the idea of being near wildlife sounds very adventurous, it isn’t half as fun when the animals are pawing at the doors of the tent.

So what do disillusioned campers do, when they want the fun of the outdoors without the dangers, inconvenience and the discomfort? 1) Watch Discovery Channel instead, or 2) go glamping.

Glamping, or glamour camping, combines the field trips and activities of traditional camping but provides all the modern amenities and conveniences that most people simply aren’t willing to give up. For example, the tents are not the usual puke-green color but are made of gorgeous colors and fine fabrics. The tents are also linked to electrical sources so that users can actually adjust temperature, plug in a lamp or an electric heater, or operate a microwave and other small appliances. The uncomfortable sleeping bags are replaced with air mattresses or even spring mattresses.

The campers are also provided with comfortable vehicles for their little forays into the wild, and they don’t even have to worry about cooking their food after a tiring trek. They can expect full course meals, even fresh clothes (yes, glampers get laundry services too).

Glamping is very common in outdoor concert events or even high-end outdoor recreational sites.

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