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What Is Glurge?

Glurge is a term that was coined by a contributor to the web site, which is a site that deals with listing and debunking various urban legends. Glurge refers to stories testimonials or lessons that are overly sentimental. These are the stories that usually get circulated through emails and chain letters. Glurge can also be seen when listening to motivational speakers or pastors who give talks and then cite a supposedly real-life example of a person showing a noble ideal or trait in the midst of an impossible situation.

Sending glurge is usually done without any malice on the part of the sender but the “inspirational” nature of the glurge may not be as inspirational as they think. A majority of glurges are too good to be true and become fantastical mostly because the originator or writer of the glurge would put too many impossible situations in the story in the attempt to try to give as much impact to the moral of the tale.

There are some glurges that are said to have come originally from celebrities but some of these are questionable because of historical inaccuracies. But this doesn’t mean that all glurges are fictional in nature or that they are just useless stories without any kind of purpose. There are some stories that are true and some really do impart much needed lessons even though the presentation itself is highly questionable because of the overly sentimental style of conveying it. Many glurges have been circulated all over the world for many years.

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