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What Is Goat Cheese?

Goat cheese, also known as chevre, is cheese that is made from goat’s milk. There are many varieties of goat cheese although the most common form is the highly spreadable soft kind. There are also some varieties that are hard aged types, and there are also semi firm types like the famous feta cheese. Goat cheese is most commonly found in Africa, Middle East and in Mediterranean countries. These are areas where goats thrive more than cows, hence the increased reliance and use of goat’s milk.

Goat cheese is particularly unique in taste and can easily be distinguished from cheese made from cow’s milk because goat’s milk has a tangy flavor. There are times when this flavor is quite strong, which is not particularly liked by some consumers. There are some people though who like this particular quality of goat’s milk. It is for this reason that there are some dairies that cultivate the “goatiness” of the cheese. The strong “goatiness” is actually caused by hormones, but this is reduced by removing milk producing goats from the male billies. Additionally, the things that the goats eat would also contribute to the taste of the milk. For example, goats usually eat bitter plants because they have a stronger digestive system, and the flavor of these plants would be imbibed on the milk.

Goat cheese is quite popular in many parts of the world. Goat cheese is usually quite salty because it is made in areas where refrigeration is not widely available. The salt prevents the cheese from decaying.

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