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What Is a Good Samaritan?

The good Samaritan is a metaphor that refers to a person’s act of helping others in times of needs or in times of emergencies. The terms actually came from a biblical passage that tells about a man being attacked by bandits or highway thieves. This man was ignored by other people who pass by him knowing that he was not a man that practices the Jewish faith. When the good Samaritan passed by, he wholeheartedly helped the person that was attacked by the thieves. The story wanted to show that Christianity is like the good Samaritan who embraces other people. It does not discriminate nor humiliate others who are having a different background. A good Samaritan also refers to a person who helps another person without any thoughts of getting rewards.

It is however sad to note that there are instances when people are hesitant to help other people because they are afraid to be sued when something happens. A suicidal person can sue an individual who may have saved his or her life. Sometimes when an individual tries to help another person in a burning house can also be put in danger. Or worst, the good Samaritan will be put to jail for extending help that was never needed by the victim or person in need. The good thing is that there is already a law that protects those who are helping so that they will not be sued for their act of helping. Sometimes it is ironic to think that people who are just helping are the ones being sued or are in the disadvantaged situation.

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