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What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is Google’s advertising program that was officially unveiled to the public in 2003. Google, in this program, would act as the middleman, providing a service for both a large number of advertisers and also an equally large number of web sites.

Google AdSense works quite simply. Advertisers would sign up with the program and would submit text ads to Google. Google would then display these ads on the search engine results pages (SERPS) that are the results of the searches made by people using With the Google AdSense program, the text ads will appear on different SERPS on the internet. The ads would appear by simply added a special code on their page. One of the most prized capabilities of the AdSense system is that robots – the computer programs that would scour millions of internet pages – would analyze the pages in which ads will be inserted in order to correctly find out which particular ads would be a good match to the content on the page. Ad relevance as determined through Google AdSense would be different in all criteria but nevertheless the ads that appear are still highly relevant to the actual page that results from the search.

Advertisers would shell out money and pay Google every time their ad is clicked. Google would take a portion of the payment for itself and then transmit the remaining money to the web site owner. The checks for Google AdSense are delivered to web site owners every month.

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