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What Is a Grape Tomato?

A grape tomato is a hybrid strain of produce that was originally introduced in upscale grocery stores. This hybrid strain has the characteristic of a thick skin and high yield that producers like. Customers, on the other hand, love its sweetness and its attractive size.
The South American tomato plants, which are the original plant, did yielded fruit that is just a little larger than a plum. But with the cross-breeding and hybrid growing technologies used on this original strain, a new variant called the cherry tomato was produced, which was quite ideal for snacks and salads.

Because of the changing preference of consumers, the once-popular cherry tomato’s appeal began to dwindle. The main source of criticism is the cherry tomato’s thin skin and high water content, which made it difficult to transport. But new a strain of tomato has been developed in Southeast Asia that possesses the thick skin of a beefsteak-style tomato but has the size and flavor associated with the Italian Roma tomato. This resulted in a new hybrid that has thick skin, lower water content, and a very sweet flavor. The size, which is similar to a grape’s or olive’s, has led to this new variety being called a grape tomato.

The grape tomato is half as small as a cherry tomato. The diminutive size makes it a really good ingredient for salads and snacks. The low water content also prevents the “squirt” that most cherry tomato eaters experience. The grape tomato also tastes sweeter when compared to the cherry tomato or Italian Roma variant.

Being a hybrid, the grape tomato’s seed cannot be used to grow plants. Producers who want to plant and harvest grape tomatoes must buy seeds that came from the original hybrid strain.

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