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What Is Grass Fed Beef?

Grass or pasture fed beef is meat from cattle raised primarily on a forage diet. Grass fed beef is a leaner, healthier alternative to grain fed beef. Studies have shown that despite the trend to feed cattle corn, soy, and other grain based feeds, cattle raised on foraged diets produce better quality meat.

Grass fed beef has a lower fat content and is much more nutrient rich. Grass fed beef has healthier omega 3 fats (at a ration of 6:3 versus grain fed beef), has less than 10 percent saturated fat, and has 400 percent more Vitamins A and E per serving. Grass fed beef is also less likely to be affected by Mad Cow Disease whereas grain fed beef has an increased likelihood. Cattle fed grain based feeds tend to have a fat imbalance and significant health problems. The high starch, high energy grain based diets decrease the time it takes to harvest cattle, increase yield, and decrease vital nutrients in the finished product.

Grass or pasture feeding is the diet closest to how nature intended cattle to eat. In turn, humans who consume grass (or pasture) fed beef reap positive (and delicious) rewards.

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