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What Is Guar Gum?

Guar Gum is a food thickener made with natural elements. It is considered similar to cornstarch, locust bean gum and tapioca flour. Guar gum is well known for having more thickening characteristics and effects on products compared to other thickeners. What’s more it can do it at a more cost efficient way. These properties are the reason why guar gum is the preferred additive to various products like ice cream and pudding. Guar gum was also used before as an important ingredient to non-prescription diet pills. The thickening properties were used in order to give users a sense of fullness.

Guar gum is taken from the guar plant, which is also known as the cluster plant. This particular plant grows in Pakistan and in various parts in India’s northern region. This plant is particularly abundant and lives well on the harsh monsoon cycles in the region. The guar plant is harvested when the monsoon season ends. The seeds are dried and then it is separated (either manually or mechanically) then processed in order to turn it into flour. Sometimes the seeds are also sold in the form of split seeds.

There are some who think that such ingredients as guar gum being included in manufactured commercially made edible products is strange and unappetizing. But the reality is that thickening agents like guar gum helps food become more edible and appetizing. Guar gum serves not just as a thickener for food products, it is also used as a binder of different ingredients and also as a plasticizer.

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