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What Is a Hands Free Device?

One of the most useful cell phone accessories is the hands free device. This gadget allows a cell phone user to talk on the phone while (as the term implies) keeping his hands free. This is due to a microphone, which is plugged into the phone with the other hand pinned on the shirt or jacket. Other hands free models have a headset, with the microphone positioned in front of the mouth.

Hands free devices are a staple for many call center positions, where the user must speak to the customer or client while typing information. However, it offers benefits even to typical office workers (who can take calls while doing paperwork) or work-at-home professionals (who can do housework and teleconference with their boss at the same time).

Hands free devices are also safer for those who take calls while they drive. In fact, this was the original purpose for the first hands free sets. However, many experts discourage using the cell phone while driving, even with this gadget. According to them, even when drivers have both hands on the wheel, they are distracted by the call and may not be able to notice other vehicles or respond to any sudden changes in traffic. Hands free devices may also create a false sense of security, causing people to take even unimportant calls while they are on the road.

Hands free devices are convenient and useful, especially for busy people who wish to multi-task at their desks or at home. However, they must be used with common sense and the right amount of precaution.

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