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What Happens in Anorexia Rehab?

Anorexia rehab is a process which aims to treat people suffering from the eating disorder, anorexia. It can be held in a special facility where the patient has to live for the duration of the rehabilitation program, or alternatively, the patient may continue with his daily routine and visit a clinic on a regular basis for treatment. Anorexia rehab is usually a combination of medical and psychological approaches.

Usually, the initial stages of anorexia rehab involves the medical treatment of any condition that has arisen due to the eating disorder. These treatments will depend on the extent of the condition, which tend to be worse the longer the patient has been suffering from anorexia. Some complications that may arise from anorexia include hair loss, fatigue, and organ malfunction. Medical treatment may also involve having to introduce food intravenously, as many anorexia patients will refuse to eat in the beginning of the rehab program.

Once the most immediate medical conditions have been addressed, the psychological aspect is tackled. This is arguably the most critical part of anorexia rehab, wherein the patient needs to be totally involved in the program. This aspect of anoreixa rehab requires various activities, and oftentimes they are adjusted to meet the patient’s needs and preferences. Counseling may come in the form of individual or group sessions. The ultimate goal is pinpoint the underlying cause of the eating disorder and to draw out the patient.

Dietiticians also play a role in anorexia rehab. They help the patients to come up with a healthy eating plan and help them stick to it as well. Anorexia rehab can take a long time, depending on the extent of the condition and the cooperation of the patient. It is important that the patient receive as much support as he can from the people around him.

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