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What Is a Harassment Lawsuit?

A harassment lawsuit is a case filed by a person who strong feels he or she has been harassed. If the person accused is found guilty of this offense, still penalties may be applied such as imprisonment. In some cases, though, the accused may be asked to compensate the aggrieved party depending on the amount set by the court.

Harassment can take many forms and it can happen anywhere not necessarily in the office setting alone. A behavior is considered a form of harassment when it involves threats and intrusion into a person’s private life. This can be in terms of words and actions that led another person to feel unsafe. Verbal harassment is common but in today’s high tech world, a person can also file charges after repeatedly receiving threatening text messages. Acts that intrude into an individual’s privacy are also factors that can lead a person to file a harassment lawsuit.

There are two options for people who have experienced some forms of harassment in their lives. The first is directly filing a lawsuit to the court.

The second option is to file for a restraining order against the person who has been harassing him or her. A restraining order, when successfully granted, requires the accused to stay away from the petitioner and stop harassing her. As the accused is not allowed to go near the person he or she has been harassing, the court often specifies a distance which the guilty party should adhere to. The order may also prohibit the accused from making further phone calls and talking to the petitioner. Not following the order would lead the guilty party to suffer a prison term.

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