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What Is the Heel Bone?

The heal bone, technically called calcaneus, is one of the bone located in the human foot. Proximally connected to the cuboid bone and distally connected, via the subtalar joint, to the talus. Severing to aid in the human being in walking, providing proper movement of the foot.

Most injuries to the heel bone are due to sports activities, even driving, and other actions causing high impact on the heel of the foot. Sports that contribute the most to heel injuries are running, footsal, and combat sports involving lots of kick like taekwondo, muai thai, karate, and some other mixed martial arts.

Careful consideration must be used before treatments for heel bone injury are given. The chances that complication may arise from surgery on the heel bone are usually very high. Patients who suffer from diabetes, osteoporosis, are chronic smokers, and hemophilia are at ever greater risk of suffering complication that may occur after surgery.

Usually injury to the heal bone will be due to bad walking or running form, a bad fall, or simple over exertion. For these kinds of hurts the usual and most effective immediate remedy is to rest. For those who have bad walking, running or stepping form advice from a fitness professional or sports couch will be necessary to avoid future incontinences. In the even of a fracture the usual remedy is to set the bone and then place a cast so that the bone may recover un disturbed, thought professional medical aid must still be sought, else even if the fracture does heal it will most probably be misaligned or deformed.

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