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What Herbs Can Be Used to Treat Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes are one of the terrible things that women have to go through, especially when they reach menopausal age. Hot flashes are characterized by the feeling of intense heat all throughout the body, including the face. These flashes are also accompanied by perspiration and can be very uncomfortable.

Most women who experience hot flashes go to their doctor to get some help. Oftentimes, medication is prescribed. However, this is not always a guarantee that the hot flashes will disappear. There is an alternative - the use of herbs, which have much anecdotal evidence to support them.

One common herb that is used to deal with hot flashes is black cohosh. This herb has traditionally been used to combat other symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome, but is also known to be effective against hot flashes. The drawback is that it may have some side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and headaches. It is also not supposed to be used by pregnant or nursing women.

Chaste berry is also known to help deal with hot flashes. The good thing about chaste berry is that it also helps alleviate dizziness. This might be a better option than black cohosh if you are prone to the latter.

Dong quai is another herb that is popularly used as a treatment option for hot flashes. It also brings with it the benefit of helping to reduce anxiety. The main issue with this herb is that it does not seem to work much with those who experience frequent and very intense hot flashes.

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