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What Holidays Have the Highest Car Theft Rates?

In 2009, an average of 2,276 cars were stolen per day, which is about 15% less than the number of thefts per day in 2208. Still, car thieves aren't too lazy to work on holidays, and some have remarkably high theft rates compared to average. Look at it this way: drivers nursing a hangover may have even more to worry about than a crashing headache and dry heaves.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, these were the worst holidays for car theft in 2009:

- New Year’s Day, 2,760 vehicles stolen
- Halloween, 2,325 vehicles stolen
- Independence Day, 2,207 vehicles stolen
- Memorial Day, 2,207 vehicles stolen
- President’s Day, 2,204 vehicles stolen
- Labor Day, 2,202 vehicles stolen
- New Year’s Eve, 2,189 vehicles stolen
- Valentine’s Day, 2,090 vehicles stolen
- Christmas Eve, 1,851 vehicles stolen
- Thanksgiving, 1,620 vehicles stolen
- Christmas Day, 1,336 vehicles stolen

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