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What Is a Homestay?

People who go to other places or countries are called travelers. Some travelers do not want to stay in a hotel and be guided by a tour guide. They want to experience the normal day to day life in that country. This is what you call a homestay. This is normally arranged by a travel agency or web site that focus on matching travelers and local families.

Homestay travelers should inform the travel agency about their personal concerns. For example, if they are allergic to animals then they should specify which animal. They should also mention if they are vegetarians, and/or smokers. These are only a few examples of the concerns that need to be considered to find a good match with the host family. Travelers should also remember that they are visiting another country, meaning they will experience new cultures and they should be willing to absorb and socialize with the host family to enjoy their stay.

Courtesy and politeness are some of the things that should always be remembered when visiting a new place. Familiarizing one's self first with their culture Is important before going to another place in order to be comfortable in acquainting oneself with the host family. Another thing to remember is to bring some gifts for the host family. This act will be greatly appreciated. For example, a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates are good ideas for a gift. An even better gift is something famous and traditional from one's own country.

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