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What Is Homosociality?

Homosociality is not the same as homosexuality though sometimes it is associated with the idea of people of the same sex having relationship beyond friendship. The term homosociality actually refers to people of the same sex who are enjoying close ties and friendship that is not sexual in nature. Homosociality is very common and is widely acceptable in almost all countries but is more highlighted in countries in which heterosexual friendship is not encouraged, particularly in Middle East countries.

People who are involved in homosociality are not necessarily gays or lesbians in nature. They are heterosexual in their orientation and preference. Homosociality is also not an indicator of homosexual behaviors, or something that can lead to homosexuality. Homosociality is only a form of friendship characterized by close bonding to a point that two people of the same sex can kiss and hold hands. Hugging, teasing and even discussing intimate topics are all too natural for homosocials because of the bonding and the friendship that they have built for years with each other. They often discuss variety of topics from sexuality to family and personal lives. Homosocials are often affectionate to their friends but not to a point that it connotes sexual purposes. In fact, homosociality is an important tool for people to develop bonds of friendship, develop self-confidence and interactions with people, as well as interconnectedness with the people around. In some countries however, homosociality can also lead to homosexuality especially if homosexuality is a strong part of their culture and rituals.

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