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What Is HTML?

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is a kind of computer language that is basically used for use on the internet and in viewing files on web browsers. HTML code can also be used in email.

HTML is a deceptive language. When seen at first glance, it looks very complicated but the truth is HTML is a simple language and can easily be learned. All of the text, graphics and different design elements that are on a web page are actually labeled with different codes that act as instructions to the web browser about how to display it. These files are very recognizable because the file extension used is .html or .htm.

Aside from the page content, the HTML files also give both information on layouts and formatting. Updating HTML files is relatively easy because the language is not case sensitive. Those who are learning HTML or new to web designing can use a large number of different utilities and programs that help in generating the HTML tags.

When formatting a text file into HTML one should just remember that the tags used for the file should start and finish with angle brackets. In order to end the formatting or when going to choose another format, one should type the first angle bracket, a backslash, then the same command and then the bracket. In other words, it would look like this </code>Information<code>.

Users can choose from a large variety of codes to be used for formatting like tables, bold, italics, and paragraphs.

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