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What Is Human Resources?

Human resources is one of the many departments that are part of a company or business. It is one of the more important departments in a company, and also one of the most misunderstood. People who work in the Human Resources department have the responsibility of hiring people and also firing them. They are also responsible for dealing with job references and contacting them and also in handling employee benefits.

Human resources ismainly concerned with the management of a company’s employees. The task of human resources has changed over the years. Decades ago, human resources personnel only work in the background in their tasks, they just ensure that the records of different personnel are in order and their benefits are properly implemented. But in the modern setting human resources personnel now also have the responsibility of staffing companies, which is a hard task. Aside from staffing functions, the human resources department also handles various crisis situations within the company. This could be issues regarding sexual harassment, complaints about other employees or about health care related situations. The human resources personnel handle this with utmost care and with discretion, which are important traits to have for human resources people.

People who work in human resources should be considered “people persons” because they have to constantly interact with different people. Another trait that they should have is the ability to be good judges of morale. They should know how to gauge the morale of employees and have the ability to discern whether morale boosting benefits or incentives are needed.

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