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What Is Hummus?

Hummus is the name for middle eastern food item that is made up of chick peas, or garbanzo beans and tahini, which is a creamy paste that is made from sesame seeds. Hummus is a typical accompaniment when eating pita and other flat breads.

Nutritionists love hummus because both the chick peas and sesame seeds have many health benefits. For example, chick peas are rich in protein, potassium and fiber. Sesame seeds, on the other hand, are also an excellent source of protein, viamin E and it also has strong antioxidant properties.

Hummus can be bought in delis and the deli section of the grocery but making hummus is also very easy because the main ingredient, chick peas, is very easy to find. Tahini can be bought at middle eastern groceries or on deli stores online. Those who want to make their hummus totally from scratch can also try to make their own tahini by using both sesame seeds and vegetable oil.

Making hummus does not entail any cooking. All one needs is a food processor. First, drain a can of chick peas and put the peas inside the food processor then puree it. The tahini should be put in next. The amount of tahini to be put in the recipe should be one fifth to a quarter of the total amount of chick peas used. A few peeled cloves of garlic are also added into the mix. Adjust the ingredients accordingly and incrementally in order to achieve the desired taste. Add some lemon juice to brighten the flavor of the hummus. If the paste becomes too thick, the addition of a little water or olive oil will fix the consistency.

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