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What Is an Immigration Lawyer?

An immigration lawyer is an attorney that specializes in handling immigration cases of foreign citizens. This person in authority needs to be licensed to practice immigration law in a legal manner.

An immigration lawyer can specialize in various areas. These include family petitions, visa applications, employee or employer based appeals and representation in immigration courts. Depending on their field of specialization, the lawyer also ensures that aliens residing in the country follow the immigration laws and people planning to visit or migrate to the country also follow government’s laws.

Attorneys focusing on family immigration should have sufficient knowledge on various concepts such as consular processing, priority date, immediate relative and adjustment of status. These immigration lawyers normally assist clients in their application for tourist or citizenship or permanent resident applications.

Immigration lawyers specializing in employment based immigration are responsible for filing and preparing petitions, organizing conferences with clients and assisting them with other issues such as delays in the processing of immigrant visas.

Another area where immigration lawyers can perform their duty is when a citizen of the country marries a non-citizen or a person from another country. In the United States, for instance, an American citizen who marries a non-citizen needs to first process the immigration papers of the person he is going to marry in order for her to become a U.S. citizen. In this case, the role of an immigration attorney is to ensure that the marriage is legal and that the parties involved are in no way taking advantage of the law.

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