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What Is Immigration Litigation?

There are legal proceedings for almost every kind of legal issue. Immigration litigation addresses issues involving immigration and immigrant rights. This is considered a specialization for lawyers, especially those who live in areas that border other countries or jurisdictions. Non-profit agencies as well as other international bodies provide individuals with legal counsel in cases of immigration litigation in order to ensure that the rights of such individuals or immigrants are respected.

Immigration litigation involves 2 sides. One side involves governments attempting to try people guilty of violating immigration laws. Such laws include overstaying, illegally crossing a border, and other immigration matters. When an individual is found to be guilty of such offenses, he or she risks deportation, which means that he or she shall be expelled from the country and may be barred from making any future visits. It is also possible that governments may revoke any residency status or visas to individuals who have committed crimes. The other side involves the immigrants or the individuals who wish to stay in a country not of their origin. This usually entails a lengthy process of filing paperwork and obtaining the right kind of documentation. This side of immigration litigation also involves claims of refugee statuses. This is done when an individual is fearful for his or her welfare if he or she returns home, especially when his or her country of origin is engaged in armed conflict.
Immigration litigation essentially deals with the decision to permit or revoke an individual’s ability to live within a jurisdiction not of his or her origin.

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