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What Is Infrared Radiation?

Infrared radiation, which is also known by the abbreviated term IR, is a particular type of radiation that can be found within the electromagnetic spectrum. There are different kinds of radiation that exist within the electromagnetic spectrum. For example, the microwaves that are used in a microwave oven is a kind of radiation that is within the spectrum. This also includes the X-rays that are used for medical diagnostic procedures and radio waves that are used for transmitting broadcast signals to radios and other broadcast receivers.

Infrared radiation got its name because the infrared rays’ wavelength is slightly longer than the red part of light or red rays. Light is the only type of radiation that humans can see. If humans can see infrared rays, it will appear immediately after or below red. Infrared radiation is considered an important type of radiation because of its many uses. It is a known fact that infrared radiation is actually heat. The different applications of heat are examples of how infrared radiation permeates our lives.

Even though human eyes can’t see infrared radiation, technology has been able create so called electronic eyes that can see infrared radiation. There are IR cameras that are able to take pictures of anything that but instead of a regular image what is produced is a topography of the subject based on the amount of heat that is emitted. IR cameras have many different uses, some of them are used for scientific experiments while some are used for security purposes.

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