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What Is an Infringement Notice?

Intellectual property involves a claim of originality with regards to a certain kind of work of art, music, idea, process, innovation, etc. When an individual violates intellectual property rights, such as claiming that a certain work originated from them rather than the actual person, the latter may make an infringement claim against the former. This is done through an infringement notice, which informs the individual violating another individual’s copyright, trademark, etc., whether it is intentional or accidental.

When a person steals another’s idea, music, process, method, or anything under the realm of intellectual property, this is referred to as plagiarism. This kind of offense is usually committed in order to derive some benefit, such as money, fame, or reward. Anyone that has used anything that has been patented, trademarked, or copyrighted in any manner, and has been used without the authority of the owner, may be subject to an infringement notice. This is a formal written statement that informs an individual of his or her actions of infringement. It is usually written by a lawyer or the individual who holds rights over the certain piece of art, work, music, idea, etc. but it can essentially be written by anyone.

The infringement notice is also known as a cease and desist letter since the main purpose it serves is to inform the individual of his or her infringement and to request that the individual no longer commit such actions. An infringement notice usually contains the name of the copyright holder, the copyright, where the infringement was committed, and the individual who has committed infringement.

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