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What Is an Injunction?

When an individual’s continuous actions are considered to be harmful or in violation of a law, statute, or ordinance, it is possible for another individual, who has been harmed, to request that the court demand a halt to these actions. The latter may file a motion for the former to seize and desist from performing certain actions or behaving in a certain manner. This is referred to as an injunction.

Considered as an equitable remedy from a court of law, an injunction can be sought for numerous reasons. This may include protecting one’s own intellectual property, protecting one’s self from harm or abuse, or preventing certain behavior or actions from occurring. Thus, different forms of injunctions exist depending upon the purpose.

A temporary restraining order is an injunction is one that prohibits a certain action from being done while the issue at hand is still being decided on by a court of law. It is possible for an individual to file a temporary restraining order against another person without informing said person. An apprehended violence order is issued to those who believe they could be subject to some form of physical, social, or emotional violence. This may be used when the person fears that another may stalk, sexually harass, or molest him or her. Media may also be subject to injunctions called a gag order. This type of injunction prevents them from releasing information that may be considered sensitive, private, and confidential in nature. This also exists to prevent media from commenting on certain issues.

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