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What Is an Insurgent?

Insurgents is another term that is used to refer to rebels or a group of people who run against the government or any existing authorities. When talking about insurgents, they are people who try to destabilize the existing forms of order or the power relations existing in the society. They way do this by defying the laws of the land, taking in armed struggles and even waging terrorists attacks to attract attention and to warn the existing authority of the insurgent’s capacity to lodge a dangerous attack when their needs are not met.

A notable example of insurgents is that of a communist group and other political extremist in a country that is governed by a democratic country characterized by capitalism and globalized institutions. Insurgents may feel that their current system should be replaced with a new system based on their belief and their ideology. Anyone under the definitions of the government who opposes the government by means of any forms of attacks to civilians or other authorities that is usually done in public places in a form of insurgency. However, there are also peaceful protest and demonstrations against certain government policies conducted by people from the civil society. It should be noted that this is not an insurgency act as insurgency is defined as violence and attacks that harms others to justify a certain cause. Insurgency can come in a form of wars, public attacks, and even terrorism from a group of people or an individual belonging to certain organizations that is against the people in authority.

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