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What Is an Internet Expert Witness?

An expert witness is someone who is an expert to a certain subject and can be called to the stand in a hearing or trial to provide information that is relevant to the facts of the case. One type of an expert witness is an internet expert. An internet expert witness is a person with wide-ranging knowledge of the internet who can testify about particular facts about the case at hand to give additional information that can help the judge or jury to understand the facts of the handled case more.

Since the internet is a big place and should have a broad scope of testimony, the lawyers seeking the type of witness are looking for someone who works in some aspects of the internet such as a web developer or the CEO of an Internet company. They prefer the ones with a multiple publication credits, years of training and experience, and established skill in the area. Also there can be more than one expert witness especially in the internet where there are several areas that may be touched in one case. Since there are contradicting sides in a case, both parties are allowed to get an internet expert witness for them to have their second or third opinions.

An expert witness may be called upon a case even during his time of work. In return, they are provided with reimbursement for the missed work days or time. Expert witnesses are unusually asked how much compensation they are getting for their testimony since the juries tend to be suspicious if a witness should get a larger amount of payments than the usual.

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