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What Is an Interrogation?

During an investigation, it is possible that persons may be brought in by law enforcement officers in order to gain information or insight. These persons are brought to a local law enforcement agency or to a bureau where they are taken to a private room that prevents anyone from eavesdropping. The person is then questioned by investigators until they are satisfied with the answers provided. This process of questioning is referred to as an interrogation.

An interrogation is a term used to describe a session wherein a person questions another who has been linked in some way to an event that is being investigated. The purpose of an interrogation is to obtain important information or insight that may allow the investigators to develop their case. There exist different techniques for interrogation, some being more controversial than others.

It is typical for an interrogation to be envisioned as a scene where a law enforcement officer is attempting to determine if the suspect brought in actually committed the crime. This is true for some criminal cases. However, interrogation may also be used by other agencies such as the military in order to obtain information or intelligence.

Good interrogations are run by people who can keep cool and in control. It is necessary that psychological techniques be used in order to obtain the necessary information. Such techniques are meant to keep the person questioned in an uneasy state so that he or she will provide more answers. Despite such techniques, some people often use controversial methods of interrogation, which may infringe upon the civil rights of those being questioned.

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