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What Is Involved in a Crime Investigation?

A crime investigation is an essential way to determine the source of an event and to gather information, data and evidence necessary to locate the people involved in a crime and to understand the cause of the crime. Methods and procedures involve in the investigation varies on the laws of national and local states although there are also methods which are common in all types of investigation.

The first thing to consider in an investigation is the crime scene. The first step is to secure the area where the event took place. The crime scene is where all evidence may be gathered including fingerprints, DNA, and other factors that may help identify the suspects and help with the progress of the investigation. Second is to identify the victims in the crime. These are usually the most important steps in the investigation along with other very important factors to consider. Witnesses are very helpful in the progress of the investigation. Eyewitnesses are sometimes very difficult to interview specially in a murder case mostly because of fear. Investigators tend to gather all information needed not only from those who volunteer to give a testimony but also from those who are within the area. Collection of evidence usually starts right after the area is secured but it doesn’t stop at the crime scene. Usually, there are evidences that may be found after the bodies or some other evidence was brought in for examination. Besides the blood samples or body fluids that may be collected from the victims, other materials may also be used as evidence such as clothing, documents, and other supplies that may help with the investigation.

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