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What Is an iPod?

One of the most popular devices to come out in years is the iPod. The iPod is a portable device used for storing and playing digital audio files. The device was designed and manufactured by Apple Computer is one of the products that really brought the company to mainstream consciousness. The iPod’s very distinct style has made it quite recognizable. The iPod reads both MP3 and AAC encoded audio files and can store “songs” in the thousands, depending on the size of each file.

The iPod was released in 2001 and the first model was made of white Lucite and chrome. After two years, the iPod Mini was released by Apple as a way of diversifying the iPod to another model. The Mini was one-third of the original iPod’s size and was available in a variety of metallic colors. After a few years, Apple introduced yet another model – the iPod Shuffle, which further compressed the MP3 player to the size of a pack of gum. All of the iPods come with white earphones.

Both the iPod and the iPod Mini used small hard disks as its storage medium. The iPod Shuffle, on the other hand, uses flash memory, which is a solid state storage medium. With prices of both hard disks and flash memory dropping continuously, the storage capacity of all three models have also increased with each new iteration.

The iPod has been instrumental in developing the growing portable media player market. It was the first truly successful MP3 player in the market and its success was what prompted other manufacturers to come out with their own versions of MP3 players.

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