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What Is Irish Cream?

Irish cream is a delicious concoction that is made from whiskey, cream and sugar. There are Irish creams in the market that are already being sold pre blended. These products almost always use Irish whiskey as the key ingredient. Irish cream is also a known flavor that is used in various food items like ice cream and candies. Probably the most popular pre-blended Irish cream brand in the world is Bailey’s.

The rise in popularity of Irish cream began in the 1970s with the founding of the RJ Bailey & Company, an Ireland-based company. Bailey’s was especially formulated to appeal to the tastes of a wide range of drinkers. A majority of Irish cream concoctions have a distinct hazelnut or almond smell, and it is also very sweet. More than a couple of decades later, Bailey’s has become one of the top selling liquors in the world and it is still gaining in popularity. In 2003, Bailey’s released a new product called Bailey’s Glide, which is a version of Bailey’s with less alcohol. This is a product that is aimed at more casual drinkers and come packaged in small bottles.

Since Irish cream is made with dairy, the introduction of acids to the drink will result in the Irish cream curdling and coagulating. This effect of acid on Bailey’s even resulted in urban myths that drinking a mixture of Bailey’s and tonic water can kill a person, which is untrue. But because of the curdling and coagulating reaction of Irish cream with acids, many prank drinks have been made to take advantage of it. For example, the Cement Mixer is a particular prank drink wherein a person is given a shot of lemon juice or other acidic juice and instructed to hold it in their mouth. The person is then given a shot of Irish cream to drink with the juice. What happens is that the Irish cream will turn into a thick substance upon contact with the acid, which makes it difficult to swallow.

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