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What Is Islam?

Islam is one of the major religions in the world, it is also considered as the fastest growing world religion, having over one billion followers. There are estimates that Muslims will outnumber Christians within one hundred years, especially if the explosive growth of islam continues.

Muhammad founded Islam during the sixth century. Muhammad is seen as an important prophet and the messenger of Islam. In fact, Muhammad is considered as one of the prophets recognized in Islam, which also included the some prophets who also appeared in the Christian Bible. The Qur’an is the acknowleged main holy text of the Islam religion, but the Bible is also accepted by the religion as a secondary religious text. In fact, there are many Biblical figures that are respected by Muslims, and this includes the Virgin Mary.

Muhammad was born in Mecca. The place of his birth is now considered the center of the whole Islamic faith. Muhammad gained a lot of experience traveling with caravans and his travels exposed him to many different religions, which included Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. Based on muslim tradition, the angel Gabriel visited Muhamma when he was 40 and he was given a vision of a religion that is peaceful and monotheistic. Muhammad’s teachings were not immediately embraced and he decided to go on a journey – known as the hegira – to Medina. This is the place where he finally gained a following and where he began to popularize Islam. During this time, Muhammad also revealed rules that Islamic faithful should follow in order to show their love and submission to Allah.

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