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What Is a Jack of All Trades?

A jack of all trades refers to a person who knows a lot of things and can do a variety of tasks. Te word jack can be traced back as early as the 13th century when that name was so common as is it a name that connotes masculinity, bravery and also refers to certain tools that men use in their work. Such tool is very generic, meaning, it can be use for anything. The phrase “jack of all trade” is just a part of a larger saying that states “jack of all trades, master of none”. In such case, the phrase jack of all trades can be used in a negative light. It can mean that a person can do many things but he or she is not adept to one particular skill or talent, making him or her unable to do something of great importance. The generation of today is often referred to as jack of all trades because of the fact that people nowadays know so much but know a little of everything. They have no particular specialties or skills which they alone know.

On the other hand, the jack of all trade can also refer to a person who is skilled in almost all areas of endeavor. Such is attributed to people who are not only skilled in one aspect but can also do many tasks or skills at the same time. He or she is good at multitasking and is very efficient in whatever task he or she is assigned.

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