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What Is Jazz?

Jazz is a type of music that is considered as a truly American art form. Jazz has its roots in the south during the slave era of the 1800s. It is widely considered as the first major contribution of the African American community to the world. Jazz is well known for non-rigid rules and its characteristic to always change its nature. This malleable art form is one reason why people from all ages like jazz and its many sub genres.

Jazz was the result of a growing African American population that is becoming influenced by merchants from the Caribbean and Mexico. These were influences that eventually melded brass bands that were popular then. By the 1920s the unique sound of jazz began to be heard in other parts of the United States when musicians travelled the country. Jazz eventually became a huge hit in cities like New York and Chicago. New Jazz virtuosos’ began to use the piano as an instrument that allowed for it combine with Ragtime and other established sounds of the day.

Even today, jazz remains a very popular music genre. Jazz can especially be enjoyed in such jazz capitals as Kansas City, Memphis and New Orleans. New bands are also experimenting with jazz by melding it with other forms of music like rock or swing. Some of the more notable artists include the Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Jazz is now such a globally recognized art form that each country boasts of its own roster of jazz proponents and virtuosos.

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