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What Is Jihad?

Jihad is a term that refers to Muslim people’s way of purifying themselves through a process of individual transformations to become a much better person in on all aspects of a person’s life most especially to the spiritual side. It is a constant day to day struggle to make each relationship and interaction worthy to their only god Allah. Jihad is one of the pillars of faith in Islam. It is an individual and personal process of striving to be good, to be more compassionate, giving and righteous. It happens on the personal level and is not related to what many people thinks as a form of sacrifice to the extent that such sacrifice manifested outside of the self can already create havoc to others. In the earlier times, Jihad can be understood as sacrificing oneself for the good of the Islamic faith. It is an unselfish desire to create positive changes by sacrificing one’s life. Jihad was also interpreted as allowing the God to rule one’s life.

However, Jihad has also been interpreted in a way that is related to terrorism. Many people accounted such labelling to political extremists who claim themselves as practitioners of Islam waging a war to sacrifice oneself in the name of defending the Islamic faith. Islamic scholars on the other hand argued that Jihad should not be interpreted as an act of terrorism but an everyday personal struggle to give in to the will of God and eventually achieve that peace in the depths of their lives.

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