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What Is a Joint Petition?

A petition is a request made by a person and filed within a court of law. However, it is possible for 2 or more parties to file such a request. When this occurs, a joint petition is filed. A joint petition is more commonly used by married coupled who wish to approach the court and request for some form of legal proceeding or arrangement.

The use of joint petitions is common in family law matters. Such petitions often involve child custody, child support, foreign national marriages, divorce, or bankruptcy suits. A joint petition for divorce is referred to as a joint petition for dissolution of a marriage or a joint petition for summary dissolution. Such a petition can be filed a married couple whose marriage is recognized by law. By filing for this type of joint petition, the married couple is merely seeking for an approval to dissolve their marriage. It is possible for such a joint petition to be filed separately by each spouse. A joint petition of this kind may be filed even if the married couple has not yet agreed on certain terms and conditions relating to their children, or other family matters.

Married couples often file joint petition in order to avoid paying for added expenses that come with filing separate, single petitions. For example, a married couple may file for joint petition of summary dissolution rather than filing for divorce since the latter involves divorce papers and other more legal proceedings that incur higher costs.

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