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What Is a Jury Consultant?

A court trial usually involves a jury, a panel of 12 – 23 men and women who are randomly selected from a roster of registered voters. In order for a lawyer to be able to win the case, he or she must be able to convince the jury of his or her arguments. Thus, it may sometimes be necessary to evaluate a lawyer’s effectiveness with juries or to provide some form of help to lawyers in order to persuade a jury. A person whose profession is based on the aforementioned is known as a jury consultant.

A jury consultant is an individual who provides comments, tips, or suggestions in order for lawyers to become more familiar with court trials involving juries. It is the job of the jury consultant to meticulously assess the behavior of each jury member in order to provide the lawyer with the information that will allow the latter to perform well in a court hearing. Because of the keen sense of human behavior a jury consultant has, it is common for one to have a background in behavioral sciences or psychology.

The job of a jury consultant begins with jury selection. They assess the behavior and reactions of each possible jury member while they are being examined in court. The jury consultant provides the lawyer with information regarding a certain potential jury member’s reaction towards the issues and his or her background. This is to ensure that the lawyer can help select a jury that may return a favorable outcome.

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