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What Is K-Lite Nitro ?

Software should never be illegal, no matter its usage possibilities. How you use it is what should be legislated. However Brasil disagrees and has made a p2p file sharing software illegal.

"K-Lite Nitro is a P2P file exchange program with multiprotocol technology that can connect to four P2P networks simultaneously (Ares, Gnutella, FastTrack and OpenFT), and also has many characteristics of programs of this type (Ares, LimeWire, BearShare, iMesh, Gnucleus, Morpheus, etc...).With this program you can search for all types of files on the Net. You can search by category, in addition to an audio and video player to listen to or watch what you download.K-Lite Nitro also has an Internet browser with links to different webpages based on categories (music, videos, games, images ...).The program is in Portuguese but is partially translated into Spanish and English if you choose that option. "

The software has been declared illegal to distribute by a Brasilian court.

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