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What Is a Kidney Stone Flush?

A kidney stone flush is one of the ways to get rid of kidney stones. This natural treatment is usually the first course of action that doctors take when dealing with kidney stones that have not reached the 2 to 3 millimeters in diameter.

The basic idea behind a kidney stone flush is rooted in the fact that small stones normally pass through the body via the urine stream. A kidney flush simply hastens this process. There are many kinds of kidney stone flushes, but the most common and simplest one is the water flush. In this method, the patient has to take in roughly around 3 Liters of water everyday. The goal is for the patient to urinate as much as possible, with the urine stream carrying out the stones with it. As can be surmised, other fluids may be used in lieu of water.

There is another of kidney stone flush, which focuses on dissolving the stones as well. This is called the herbal flush. Traditional eastern medicine pinpoints certain kinds of natural remedies including lemon, herbal tea (dandelion, marshmallow root, red clove, ginger, etc.), watermelon, cranberry juice, and so on. These herbs are said to help dissolve kidney stones naturally, although not all of them have been proven clinically.

One has to take care, however, that other food items and drinks that are taken in do not promote the formation of kidney stones. Otherwise, the kidney stone flush will not really take effect and one’s condition could even become worse.

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