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What Is the Labia Majora?

The labia majora (labium majus if singular) are two large outer folds of the vagina covering the labia minora. This extends from the mons pubis down to the perineum. This forms the lateral boundaries of the cleft of venus where the other parts of the vagina are located. Labiocrucal folds are located between the labia majora nd the inner thighs while the interlabial sulci is found between the labia majora nad the labia minora.

The main function of the labia majora along with the coarse hairs on it is to keep away germs and bacteria from entering the inner parts of the vagina and the urethra. Personal hygiene should also be e mphasized.

The labia majora are the counter parts of the scrotum in males and both originated from the same tissues during the development of the fetus. It is made up of fatty tissues and varies in color from woman to woman ranging from pinkish to brown. The outer part of the labia majora is usually the same color as the rest of the body and is covered with coarse hair. The inner part of the labia majora is smooth and covered with sebaceous follicles. This inner part may be pink, brown or even purple. All these colors are considered normal except when variations occur accompanied by vaginal discharge and itching. Common infections like yeast, crabs or genital lice and sexually transmitted diseases can cause discomfort, itch and inflammation of the labia majora. In this case, a licensed physician should be consulted immediately.

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