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What Is Labor Mediation?

Disputes often arise when it comes to labor issues. Most of these disputes often involve wages and benefits. In order to avoid legal action in a court of law, unions or labor groups and companies may decide to seek an alternative means of resolution. Alternative dispute resolutions allow both sides to air their grievances and provide a means of negotiations. This alternative means is referred to as labor mediation.

Rather than settle the issues or disputes in court, labor groups and companies may wish to settle this between themselves and reduce the cost as well as the amount of time that a legal court hearing may take up. This is done through a formal meeting that allows both parties to negotiate and find some form of agreement or compromise. Disagreements regarding labor laws or what labor unions perceive to be violations of such laws are often the subject of such negotiations.

Labor disputes often arise from violations or inability of a company to follow labor laws. Such labor laws are important for companies to follow because they ensure the safety and welfare of the laborers. Workers are provided a safe working environment, commensurate benefits, and a fair wage under the terms and conditions of the labor laws. When a worker has his or her rights violated, it is within his or her rights to bring this claim to the Fair Labor Standards Board. It is also possible that he or she bring the matter in federal or state court. However, it is recommended that labor mediation be sought before any legal action is continued. 

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